Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Brain: My Post Caesarean Surgery OBGYN Visit

Its my two week checkup on my c-section and DAMN does it still hurt. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and of course I was expecting pain but seriously it still hurts so much. Thankfully she removed my bandages and declared that everything looked great. No infection and the scar was healing well. To me it still looks like an ugly mess. I also was unprepared for how much this would hurt with how little sensation I have. It’s like a six inch strip by my scar is still numb. Like injected with novocaine at the dentist kind of numb. I can feel that someone is touching it but it doesn’t feel right. My doctor said that many nerves get cut in this type of surgery and that those nerves will take a while to grow back. She also mentioned that with my lack of sensation my scar shouldn’t hurt as bad as it could. HOLY MOLY there is no way I could handle more pain, already I am taking the 600mg of Motrin every five hours still. I have managed to avoid the narcotic but if it hurt more I know I would have caved by now. I guess I should be happy with small blessings like numbness.

My girlfriend told me to wear that scar with pride, and I do really need to adjust my thinking about it because she is right. But what you should do and what you do do are two different things. So my task is to wear this scar with pride, be happy that I got the healthy baby I wanted and screw my vanity!


Because my doctor is by my old home we were right around the corner from the Fruits house so we swung by for a quick visit. Mrs. Faith wanted another chance to see her other two grandkids since they were sick on Memorial day weekend. Mrs. Fruit made her oh so delicious lumpia dish, a deep fried spring roll looking thing that is stuffed with veggies and ground pork. I love love love them but they take forever to make.

Of course Ms. Bambi was the center of attention. She is such a little firecracker and I just adore her. She loved her new little baby cousin and kept calling him HER baby. So with grandma sitting just on the other side of the pillow I let her hold him for a moment. It reminded me of a photo of me and my brother when he was very little.



Mrs. Faith brought a little gift for Ms. Bambi and so we spent a good hour chit chatting while we all watched grandma and granddaughter play with their super cool stick on nails. And then I got a lesson in coloring from Ms. Bambi. ‘Use lots of different colors’ she says ‘That way it’s the prettiest!’. Nothing beats little kids and I love this girl to pieces!




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paul peggy zeus said...

Except that you weren't quite two in that picture with your little baby brother, much younger than Miss Bambi, but you were also seated next to your grandma for the picture, so it was a fitting analogy. Love the nails Bambi, and great job on coloring in the lines.

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