Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Brain: Little Cricket’s Two Week Peds Visit

Thankfully, since I am still not cleared to drive yet, my mother-in-law Mrs. Faith is still visiting for my Little Cricket’s second pediatrician appointment. This time I wasn’t so worried, we were basically there for a weight check and I can tell he has been gaining, he’s filling out nicely and I couldn’t be happier. Still it was nice to get the confirmation on the digital baby scale. He is now 7 pounds 7 ounces which is a 10.5 ounce weight gain just in one week. Now that he is over his birth weight my doctor said she won’t need to see us again until his one month visit. I was cheering on the inside… hurrah my breasts are working! At least something is going right for a change.

I had a list of questions which I have been keeping stored in my phone for my peds visit since my last visit I couldn’t remember a single question I wanted to ask. This whole sleep deprivation thing is no joke, my brain is running at perhaps 30% right now. So my list, I dragged it out and we went through my questions.


Seems like my Little Cricket has mommies skin. Even though I anticipated that he might and I bought the super sensitive skin, no perfumes added, diaper wipes and even though we have been changing his diaper very often and even though we are using Desitin with every single diaper change my baby still got diaper rash. I am now going to be using just paper towels and water and working on more naked time to get this one cleared up and prevent future outbreaks.

And no I am not posting a photo of his butt… even though I did think about it.


On a positive note my Dr. has recommended the Vitamin D drops Mr. Rogue found and we are giving our baby to some other couples, including the nice woman I was chatting with in the pediatricians lobby. All natural is really the best! And my new friend also recommended her favorite mommy group. I will have to wait another two months before joining the groups until my Little Cricket has a chance for his immune system to get a little stronger but I am excited to connect with other mommies in the area.

I also talked about traveling, because I want to take the baby to visit so many people. Although she said I could travel she recommended that I wait until after his two month immunization shots. I am going to follow her advice but I was super excited to at least buy my plane tickets. We are going to Florida first to visit my parents so they can meet their little grandson. With my high risk pregnancy I was banned from flying, although I am a little worried about how traveling with an infant is going to go I can’t wait to get back in the air and start going going going again.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah!! Can't wait to meet our new little grandson. What a wonderful birthday present....

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