Saturday, June 15, 2013

And a Miracle was Received

Mr. Rogue hasn’t been in the best of spirits over the past several months. Between a cut tendon in his hand that needed surgery and a freak burst spinal disk that needed surgery and the long recovery for both accidents he has just been less than his usual happy self. I don’t blame him, to go from healthy with not one surgery under your belt to going under the knife not once but twice in a very short time would put anyone in a little cloudy mood. Add in a very pregnant wife and then a new baby into the mix and what we have here is an emotional cocktail of chaos.

As well as not being easy on Mr. Rogue it has also not been easy on me. Things that he would normally do I had to take over. He also had to recover from both surgeries so I was taking care of him. There were also physical limitations on both of us that made doing some things impossible. It certainly wasn’t the best time for us both to be out of commission.

It hasn’t been a struggle for sure.

However that was all about to change. Last week Mr. Rogue had a slew of doctor checkups. He meet with his hand doctor first. Mr. Rogue’s last visit the doctor was not happy with Mr. Rogue’s progress. With movement in the thumb only at about 20% the doctor was worried that Mr. Rogue would need a second surgery to remove built up scar tissue. And of course a second surgery was the last thing Mr. Rogue wanted. This visit the doctor was ecstatic with Mr. Rogue’s progress. He now has about 80% of his thumb mobility back and the doctor said with continued exercise over the next year Mr. Rogue may be able to get 90% movement. He also agreed that Mr. Rogue was done with his hand therapy as long as he continued the exercises at home on his own and he also told Mr. Rogue that he wouldn’t need to see him again unless there was a problem. This was such great news. Mr. Rogue was super happy.

And then Mr. Rogue had an appointment with his spine doctor. They did some x-rays again to make sure that his artificial disc hadn’t shifted since his last checkup six weeks ago. Both doctors said that Mr. Rogue was doing great; in fact he was doing so well that he would no longer have to wear his neck brace and he could begin physical therapy. Mr. Rogue still has numbness in his fingertips but the doctor doesn’t seem too concerned. Apparently with spine injuries severed nerves is a pretty common side effect. Sometimes, within a year, these nerves reconnect and sometimes they don’t. Basically the doctor said to be happy Mr. Rogue isn’t paralyzed and if he gets the feelings back in his fingertips it would be a bonus. We will just have to wait and see.

Aside from the numbness in his fingers the news today was exactly what Mr. Rogue wanted to hear. All is well, everything is healing, you are doing great, no infection, take off that brace. Now all he has to do is complete his physical therapy on his neck and we can hopefully put these past few difficult months behind us.

And maybe the best news for our marriage is that miraculously Mr. Rogue stopped snoring. For months I have been struggling with Mr. Rogues escalating snoring. It’s been getting louder and louder and neither of could pinpoint what was making him snore when he hadn’t snored before. We tried everything but nothing would work and it came to the point where I was about to go insane. And then the neck brace came off and the snoring stopped, cold turkey, just stopped. It was the neck brace all along; it shoved his chin up and put slight pressure on his neck causing him to snore. I am so thankful that it stopped.

The best news by far is that Mr. Rogue is now feeling much happier and a happier healthier husband makes for a happier healthier home.


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