Monday, June 10, 2013

A Little Exercise

Ms. Sweetie came over today to hang out. Since it was such a gorgeous day and since my doctor wants me to get some light walking in everyday we took the stroller out for a walk around the block. It took a while to get the buggy set up, get the baby in the buggy, and then I decided to bring Rogue our 12 year old Rottweiler. Last time I took him on a walk, about 2 miles, he was a little stiff, but I figured this very subdued walk we were going on would be good for him too.

It was a gorgeous LALA Land day. The sun was bright and everything is in bloom. I particularly love the jacaranda trees that dominate our neighborhood. Their purple deliciousness fills the skies and showers the ground with a blanket of beautiful flowers.





Now with our little foursome out the door we didn’t go far, nor did we go very fast but boy oh boy did it just wipe me out. At least we made it home just in time for my Little Cricket to lose his cool. Time for another feeding. I am finding my days are patterned around hour and a half windows and I couldn’t be happier!




paul peggy zeus said...

Good that you are getting out walking, sorry it was so tough on the old man.

Jennifer Arens said...

Pretty soon you can use a baby carrier! How picturesque!

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