Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby Brain: Whittling Away at the To-do List

Every day for the next two weeks since Mr. Rogue and I will be pretty much house bound I made a schedule. We will accomplish one big thing that needs to get done before the baby arrives a day. If we do one a day then we won’t get overwhelmed with a bunch of things at the end. Mostly we just needed to do simple things: book a newborn photographer, put together the swing, get the toy bench assembled, get the pack and play changing table area set up downstairs in the exercise room so we don’t have to trudge upstairs for every nap and diaper change, get the car seat in the car, pack for the hospital and organize the baby clothes in the closet along with a last laundry run to make sure everything is clean.

I searched a couple of days for the newborn photographer. I am really picky when it comes to photography and I wanted someone who was perfect that I could hopefully use often for professional photos. Sure I am going to be taking a million myself but there is something about a true professional that is eluding my reach. The gap is small but it is there. Besides by going to these sessions maybe I will learn some more. I found the perfect newborn photographer and thankfully she still had two slots open for May. Generally people book their newborn packages well in advance but because of the miscarriages I didn’t. Booking a package too early would be like me counting my chickens before they hatch. Anyways I signed the contract and am totally STOKED about getting our photos done with Julie Rollins; view her site here.

Mr. Rogue couldn’t help much in the assembly department with his neck but he is trying to participate as much as possible which is super sweet and makes me happy. Even if it was just another pair of eyes on the instructions to make sure everything was put together right and someone to hand me the tools and screws I needed it was still helpful.





Mrs. Dancer actually came over and helped me put together the toy bench which was the biggest project and required the most work. She has been such a big HELP. Love you girl and thank you!

Lastly I just finished slowly going through and organizing all the stuff in the closet. All the laundry is done. All the little outfits are sorted by size and folded or hung ready to drape my precious baby boy. I find myself not being able to sleep and wandering into the closet to finger tiny clothes and tiny socks. To reorganize a pile of bibs or just to breath in the adorableness. I can’t believe sometimes that I am this close to having a baby. Sometimes I am so happy it hurts to breathe!


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Putting together baby things and little one's toys will encompass a lot of your time in the near future.

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