Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When Lightning Strikes

A couple years ago Mr. Rogue’s parents’ house got struck by lightning and in the process lost a TV and several valuable pieces of equipment. So of course Mr. Rogue being a techy guy took his dads advice and put our equipment on surge protectors.

Five days ago there was a huge storm and at 4 in the morning there was a loud boom, our lights flicked off for a few minutes, they came back on and then there was a big flash of light and a BOOM that made all other booms run and hide in boomness envy. Seriously I have felt earthquakes that have shook the house less. After we calmed down I looked up the updater on our power company and low and behold our whole neighborhood was out of power. There was already a crew on site and estimated time of turn on was 3 the following day.

A day without power I could live with; I was initially most worried about the large grocery store run I made the day before. By not opening the fridge we only lost a few things, the eggs, the milk products and some meat I had defrosting. All in all it wasn’t so bad… at least initially… but then we started noticing little things. We have several timer’s in the house for small lights we have turned on at night and for our large lights on the outside of the house in front and back. All were fried and no matter what we did they wouldn’t go back on. In fact with a little more investigation the timers in the switches actually burned to the point that they melted the plastic casing. Mr. Rogue went and checked the fuse box and sure enough several of them were tripped but we were confused. Both of us assumed that a power surge that big would trip everything. Mr. Rogue’s dad who knows a whole bunch about electricity said that the power surge must have been so great as to have been a little too fast for the fuse’s to trip quickly enough. At least the house didn’t burn down.


Then we started noticing other things. Our bathrooms are all on motion sensors and they weren’t working either. And then followed the microwave, the router and the most sad thing of all Mr. Rogue’s fancy shmancy coffee machine. Most of the items weren’t super expensive except for the coffee machine, most of them were just annoying, like the fried router (aka no internet).

So over the course of the next few days I called the power company to see if they would cover the damages. They might, if it was their fault, which of course they wouldn’t tell me what happened as it was under investigation. We could file a claim but then we would have to wait months for an electrician (as they were really behind) to come out and give us a quote to fix the broken electrical issues. However that quote of work may or may not be covered based on the investigation. Annoying!

So I called our homeowners insurance but they too were unhelpful. Sure I could make a claim but we have a large deductible and in the grand scheme of things the deductible would cost just as much as getting the work done ourselves.

So we sucked it up, I called rent-a-husband to come over and swap out all the damaged timers and such. Mr. Rogue ordered a new microwave since ours was non-functional and now about 10 years old. And I got happy news when I called the coffee machine company and they told me for a small fee, way less than replacing the machine, I could ship them our coffee machine and they could simply replace the fried electrical parts.

I also went to best buy to get a new Router. Of course I had to text Mr. Rogue the options and he picked one via text. Thank goodness for text messaging photos because I am not very techy. Unfortunately our router and network problem lasted for over five days and took Mr. Rogue forever to get working again. Thankfully our computers and our photo server was just fine. I don’t know what I would do if I had lost all my photos!


We were lucky there wasn’t more damage but Mr. Rogue was not happy with the damage we had. So in response he got some heavy duty, with warrantee guaranteed, surge protectors that can withstand lightening grade shocks. Sure maybe a little overzealous but my man likes his insurance and without this trait we would have lost so much more of our equipment to the freak burst of electricity.


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paul peggy zeus said...

What? NO COFFEE??!! That is not good at all. I can live without the microwave, but not our coffee pot. Ah, the lessons we learn in life, if it's worth a bit of money, surge protect it.

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