Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vacay to SF: Pool Day

We slept heavenly at the hotel and decided to just take it easy this morning. We ordered room service for breakfast and ate right under our picture window overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Our breakfast ended up being a smorgish board of everything. You see with our hotel package they offered a free voucher for a $60 dollar breakfast. SERIOUSLY for two people it was a little excessive. But it did allow us to try so many yummy things and I could then be a happy pregnant girl. We ordered Quiche, bagel and locks, waffles, fruit, extra sides of bacon and little hash brown nuggets. Some was fantastic, other things were just ok. We were both able to get full on the fabulous things we loved. Yummm bacon!


After breakfast we decided that since our hotel had spa amenities we may as well use them. What better way to spend our afternoon than lazing by the pool and relaxing. The spa was in a separate building nestled in between towering pines and a grassy hill. Super private, super uncrowded, and super relaxing. AHHHHHHHH!




A side note I bought this Marc Jacobs little zip bag a year ago and I have to say that it is the most used little bag ever. I simply adore it. It’s the perfect size and I normally use it in my purse to hold makeup, but when I am off on a little mini adventure and I don’t want to bring my whole purse I dump out the makeup and use it as a clutch. I cannot tell you how many times this bag has accompanied me, like today to the pool. Best purchase ever!


Hours later relaxed and a bit sun kissed we headed over to Farley’s Bar the local restaurant to the hotel. We sat on the porch, old world charm oozing over us looking out at the beautiful scenery. We were just looking for something lite to tide us over the few hours until dinner. Summer always makes my appetite go down. All the air and sunshine make heavier foods not as appealing. I picked the hummus and hot olive dish which was just the perfect little size. I LOVE FOOD while pregnant. Everything tastes so good.


We went back to the room, took a quick little snooze and then showered to get ready to go out. We left a little earlier than yesterday to make sure we made it to The Top of the Mark before sunset. We pulled up and the receiving lot was packed. We were greeted by the same bellman who remembered us, he asked why we were back and we told him about the miscommunication about the jazz playing last night. So he took our car and parked it out front, no charge for parking tonight he said. Ahhh our good luck continues. Parking yesterday was $30 bucks, love running into people like this who really serve well and treat us like royalty!

We got to the top of the building and the views were incredible. I am so happy that we went back, sure we don’t like to do do-overs but we would have missed out on the best view of San Francisco and of course the jazz was a plus!



We had made reservations at The Epic Steakhouse for dinner, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry. We got there and I just wasn’t hungry. Here we were at this incredible steak place and I didn’t want steak. It was really sad but I have learned that you cannot fight the pregnant wants. I just wanted something light and filling. I ended up ordering just a salad and the truffle mashed potatoes and it was absolutely perfect. We sat outside under the twinkling lights of one of the bridges and just enjoyed the view and our meal.


Exhausted by the day we got our bill and headed home to our hotel. Sure it was a little early but tomorrow was going to be a big day.

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You two sure know how to pick the restaurants!! Food glorious food!

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