Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baby Brain, Birth Story: Surviving the First 24 Hours as Parents

I wrote yesterday about my Little Cricket’s birth but the next 24 hours were difficult. After the surgery I was taken to a recovery room where the nurses checked me often. I had to stay here for hours until some feeling returned to my legs, enough feeling so I could bend my knees. Lying on a bed without any feeling from the mid chest down, with wires coming out of my arms, a blood pressure cuff going off every ten minutes and these weird compression massager things on my feet that prevented blood clots wasn’t very comfortable but at least initially I wasn’t in any pain. As the spinal block wore off and I could slowly start to breathe easier and wiggle a toe I was still happy with the almost complete absence of pain. Of course my body was still getting the ‘good drugs’ through the IV, I was flooded with feel good hormones and I was totally enthralled with the little bundle of joy in my arms. My recovery went well and by 12:30 in the afternoon I was finally snuggly situated in what would be my room for the next few days.




With a spinal block you are not allowed to even attempt to get up until 24 hours have passed. The hospital wants to make sure that there weren’t any lingering issues with the drug wearing off and they also want to make sure that you are off of the stronger pain drugs before attempting to walk. I was a little aggravated at being bed bound and then I found out that I also wasn’t going to be allowed to eat solids until tomorrow as well. My dinner consisted of chicken noodle soup, jello, and sorbet. Not exactly the meal I wanted after fasting for so long.


Since I couldn’t Mr. Rogue had to step up and be the diaper guy. He got a lesson from a nurse shortly after we arrived in our room. Mr. Rogue has no experience with small children and this diaper was his very first diaper change ever. And then we explained how important the chart was. With many people chipping in to help with the baby it was important to track dirty diapers and feedings. All this is analyzed by the pediatrician and the nurses to make sure that everything is going ok with my Little Cricket.



With the diaper changes I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything but I would have really liked to give my boy his first ever bath. Since Mr. Rogue was uncomfortable with the idea of attempting to bathe the baby the nurse washed him up. I couldn’t see him but it broke my heart to hear him cry. I might not have been able to help with the bath but I could defiantly help with warming and soothing of a cold crying Little Cricket.




That first day I could barely give my baby up. I have carried him in my body for nine months and I couldn’t stand to have him far away. Skin to skin contact between mother and baby is highly encouraged at the hospital I gave birth at and I was all about having him cuddled up on my chest his sweet baby smell surrounding me, our breaths and hearts beating so close just as it had been for so long. We curled into each other and it felt like the most natural thing in the world.





Of course maybe the only thing I love more than holding my Little Cricket was seeing my man cuddled up with him. My heart constricts, my man, my son, my world feeling so full and perfect. Mr. Rogue, although never holding an infant before, was really amazing with the baby and seeing our son snuggled in his arms melted my heart all over again. Just when I think my capacity to love has maxed out it notches up yet another level. I am the happiest girl ever!




Mrs. Dancer was able to spend an hour with us in our room and after our quiet time after hours of waiting. She got in some baby snuggles, although she did complain that she didn’t get enough. I don’t like to share I suppose. Mr. Rogue was delegated the camera guy. I encouraged him to take a ton since I was recovering and couldn’t get up to take any. He did such a great job capturing the moments of our stay. Although I probably would have taken triple the amount he did I was happy with what he got.



Of course some if my favorites were photos that we didn’t even know he was taking. Mrs. Dancer and I were having a conversation about something, my Little Cricket was snuggled in his bassinet between us and through our conversation Mr. Rogue snapped a photo of us making the exact same hand gesture. We were just talking, completely oblivious I am sure what we were even doing with our hands. It just shows that after being together for so long we have grown into each other. It made me smile.


I was in pain and didn’t really want company but Ms. Sweetie my cousin did pop in for a quick brief visit. She is the closest thing I have to a sister and she was excited to offer her congratulations and hold my Little Cricket. Love at first sight, she is so good with kids and is excited to have a new nephew!


After her visit Mr. Rogue and I tried to relax alone, well as alone as we could be in between feedings, diaper changes, nurses and doctor visits. My doctor came by to check on me and explained that the caesarean would have been necessary even if I had gone into labor naturally. Apparently my Little Cricket was curled up by my ribs. In fact the doctors couldn’t get him out with the caesarean alone, he had to be vacuumed out which she said is pretty rare. On top of that my Little Cricket had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, his body and his leg. If he had descended into the birth canal the cords would have gotten tighter and tighter which would have set the fetal monitors off as he got less and less blood and oxygen. So although I didn’t want the caesarean, although I was fighting the circumstances that lead me to get one I felt good at having validation that I made the right decision.



Relaxing and trying to nap in a hospital isn’t an easy task but everyone says the first few months are an exercise in sleep deprivation. I just hope my surgical recovery goes well. Getting surgery on top of having a baby took a lot out of me. I am physically and emotionally beat.


paul peggy zeus said...

His skin is absolutely perfect. Glad you had Ms Dancer and Ms Sweetie with you. I never dreamed I wouldn't be there with you. . . I'm so sorry.

honest company said...

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