Friday, April 5, 2013

Sometimes Even the Best Laid Plans

My mom and I decided to take a little mini road trip for our day together. We picked San Diego and SeaWorld, only a three and a half drive away. Unfortunately the further south we went the greyer the skies became. Sadly we had to make the call to abort our little adventure. I was already worried about a full day of walking and with the weather and the expense of SeaWorld we just decided going another time would be a better idea.


So now we had a full day to fill. Since it was my mother’s birthday in a few months and since she had been talking about getting a new cute pair of shoes we decided to go shopping. It is so much easier to get birthday gifts when you are with the people they are for, even if it does take the surprise out of it a little, at least you know they love it. We went to DSW and I think it was the first time I have ever been there where I wasn’t able to find something I wanted. My mother didn’t find what she liked either so we left for the mall. There my mom was able to find a few that she liked and then finally the pair that was just right. In fact they were perfect and I barely resisted the urge to get a pair myself.


Of course while we were at the mall we couldn’t help but visit a few baby stores. My mom wanted to get a few things for the baby shower gift and I just cannot seem to stop myself from buying adorable outfits.

We still had plenty of time so we opted to stop at Toys R' Us. My mom wanted me to pick out a cute little chair for the babies Christmas present but there wasn’t any there that we liked. Instead we played with all the adorable baby clothes, yup we couldn’t resist doing a little shopping here as well. Sigh, I have a baby shower in a few days I really should wait to shop until I know what I need.


We were thinking of heading to the Getty, an awesome museum that my mom still hasn’t been too but we ended up meeting Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Sweetie at my house for some last minute shower planning. We put together some of the games, my mom ironed a million pieces of fabric for an activity they had planned and we rolled a bunch of diapers in preparation for putting together a diaper cake. I helped only a little, but then I took a break and snuggled with the dog a little.




My favorite women in my life all working together to throw me a shower. Love you all so much!


Planning a shower is hard work, and since none of us wanted to cook we headed and I also didn’t have anything really in the house. We went to my go to Mexican place; the most amazing Mexican food ever.


After dinner my mom and I were exhausted. A movie at home was just what we needed. We decided to watch Les Miserables. Neither of us know the story, neither of us have seen the play but we had both heard good things. Watching that movie was a bad idea. I have been so emotional the past few weeks because of the pregnancy hormones and I basically ended up sobbing through the entire movie, sobbing after the movie and sobbing with horrible nightmares all night long. On the flip side I thought the movie was amazing. The I dreamed a dream song was so incredible and emotional. But seriously the movie should have a warning, do not watch when you are pregnant.

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paul peggy zeus said...

AND don't watch it right before bedtime. Sad, Very, very SAD! I think I cried for hours and I'm not even pregnant!

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