Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to my Therapy BFF

Today was my last session of therapy. I have been feeling better for a while but I have been struggling with the concept of when to stop therapy. I have learned so much by articulating out loud things that we normally just accept as is. Therapy has defiantly been a growing process, a process of reflection and sometimes a painful process.

It’s weird, everyone keeps saying don’t look back, look at the now, look forward, look to all the happy things you have and all the happy things that are to come. I agree but I also disagree. If those hours spent in history class taught me anything it’s that in order to move forward you have to study what you did to get HERE. I was a child and then a teenager. I moved away to college, I grew as a young adult. I made gigantic leaps of awesomeness and I have also made colossal mistakes and those decisions lead me down the roads that have now left me as the woman I am today.

Therapy has lead me backwards, then forwards a constant 50 minute push and pull and I often leave the office emotionally drained and exhausted. It is the way of growth, colliding against thoughts, resisting and then accepting. There is push and there is pull and there is a whole lot of growing pains in between. I am glad I stuck with it, I am glad I kept going when all I wanted to do was quit. I am ecstatic that I am in a better place and I feel that I am ready at least for now to move on.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Thanks to the wonderful memories of yesterday and today.

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