Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

This morning, I promised to get up bright and early. Setting the alarm clock for 7:30am, not because her flight left that early but because we wanted as MUCH time together as possible before I had to drop her off. Of course it ended up being time snuggled in bed. I crawled in with her, and then Mrs. Dancer showed up and crawled into bed with the both of us.

We chatted just like we did when we all piled together when we lived with each other in college. Ahhh those were the days… but these are the days too… and then 15 years later I hope that those will be the days too. Days when we celebrate our friendship, our acceptance, our love!

It was hard putting Ms. Pool Shark on her plane, she has to get back to her man and her little girl, but I wish I could keep her here in LALA land with me forever.

Of course I was only sad long enough to get home, where I crawled into bed and took the most awesome epic five our nap.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Good friends are forever. Cherish them, I know you do!

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