Monday, April 8, 2013

Road Trip, Vacay to San Francisco

Ms. Pool Shark and I are kindred spirits/ soul mates in fact. We agree on almost everything, we have a similar attitude and approach to tackling the world and since the first moment we met we just GOT each other. The older I get the more I realize how rare it is to meet someone you are so in sync to like I am with her. She is a treasure.

Sadly she lives far away in Pittsburgh and although we talk sporadically often we don’t get a ton of face time. When we are together we both have an insatiable need to celebrate our combined awesomeness, which usually involves lots of fun and an adventure or two if we can squeeze it in. When Ms. Pool Shark was 5 months pregnant we went to Europe. Since I was eight months pregnant and not allowed to fly our options for a getaway were a little limited… but San Francisco was only a short little 6 hour drive away. I had been to San Francisco only been once, and mostly to bird at that, and as a bonus Ms. Pool Shark had never been but has always wanted to visit. A quick call to my OB got me approved to go (with a few restrictions to follow) and like all our trips we were ready to travel. The planning of where and when or even where we are staying tends to just work itself out when we are together; it’s part of the fun spontaneity of it all.


So this morning we got out of bed, shoved a few last minute things in our bags, dropped me my off at the airport to go back home and away we were driving north. I did feel bad about leaving Mr. Rogue, he was broken with a potentially ticking time-bomb spine problem. But he wasn’t having any pain, he promised to do nothing that would result in an injury and he planned on working a ton of hours to make sure his team at work had all they needed since he would be out of work for at least a week or more after his surgery. He encouraged me to go and have fun, and even though I knew there was nothing I could do for him just sitting at home it was still hard to make the decision to go. Even though I wasn’t with him I did spend the first three hours of our drive working on setting up all his appointments; thank you Ms. Pool Shark for driving and putting up with me ignoring you for a while. I set up a second opinion with a top neurosurgeon spine specialist at UCLA for a second opinion. He needed an appointment with the general doctor at the hospital we were getting the operation at to get his heart and body cleared for surgery and also as a meet and greet because this would be his doctor should there be any complications. And then Mr. Rogue also needed to see his surgeon’s assistant for a pre-operation appointment. It took quite a bit of juggling because he also had his two hand therapy appointments and I was trying to get everything in a block of time so he could also get to meetings at work. In the end after what seemed like forever I got Mr. Rogue’s appointments on everyone’s calendars and sent him his schedule for the week.

With all the work out of the way I sat back and relaxed. We stopped often as per my doctor’s recommendations and the fact that my bladder is the size of a gerbils. Denny’s for lunch where there were the biggest tumbleweeds EVER. In fact we went to eat, were in the restaurant maybe 45 minutes and the whipping wind had pretty much buried my car.



About an hour outside the city we started talking about where to stay. We knew we wanted to stay downtown or at least very close to downtown as we planned on spending most of our time in the city. But we weren’t finding what we wanted downtown so we started looking close to downtown.



Finally after calling a bunch of places Ms. Pool Shark picked out Cavallo Point, a hotel right on the water, with a spa attached to it. A little pricy maybe but with the amenities and a view from our room of the Golden Gate Bridge we were sold. It sounded perfect and right up our alley. We checked in and were even happier with our hotel once we got there. It was old world class with plenty of green and beautiful scenery and it was so close to downtown. I love love love beautiful gems like this. Funny enough Ms. Pool Shark and I always manage to land on our feet with this fly by the seat of our pants traveling. Well most of the time at least.



After resting for a while and freshening up we went to talk to the hotel staff about where to go for the night. We wanted sweeping views and food and fun. The place to go apparently is The Top of the Mark and tonight they had jazz!!! SCORE, we were off!



Sadly we got there a little late and although the view was incredible it was too dark to really appreciate the oh so famous landscape of San Francisco. Then after we got sat we found out that there wasn’t jazz… oh no jazz is tomorrow. There was no alternate plan so we stayed, we ate, and we chatted while Ms. Pool Shark enjoyed a glass of wine. I love that Ms. Pool Shark shares my love of photography. She doesn’t mind that I photograph all my food because she is doing it too. Neither of us brought our good DSLR cameras to dinner, I usually just take my little pocket canon point and shoot and of course I always have my phone.



We left vowing to do something we never do, we would just have to return tomorrow, at least for a drink, to really appreciate the view and to hear some jazz. Then we would go somewhere else for dinner.

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