Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ms. Pixie’s Next Adventure

About six months ago Mr. Rogue and I made a decision to invite Ms. Pixie, our 20 year old niece, to live with us. She had been thinking about going to art school and there is a fantastic one not five minutes from our house. We had the room and we thought maybe a little change, a little push could bring some much needed direction.

I am proud of her that she came out, she got a job, she enrolled in school and she tried. But it is also important to be happy and well Ms. Pixie, she is a little shy. Finding a second job, making friends, getting out of the house and just exploring LALA land was a little too much. That on top of missing her 12 year old sister and 7 year old brother, her parents and her friends sealed the deal with her decision to move back home.

We were sad with her decision, but it is her life, and her happiness, and sometimes finding out what isn’t right for you helps you define what is right. So we sent her off today, a little heavy in our hearts that she was leaving, but with congratulations for her new chosen future and happiness that we at least got these past seven months to get to know her better.


Ms. Pixie’s friend flew in from Georgia and they are planning their epic road trip across the country back home. I LOVED this drive and since we shipped her car out here when she moved to LA I was happy that she was going by car on the way home. And having a buddy always helps on such a long trip.

We took her out for a little goodbye dinner last night at our favorite Mexican place and then the next morning, not so bright and early, the kids finished loading the car and we all said goodbye. Good luck Ms. Pixie in your next adventure, may you find the path that makes you happy!



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paul peggy zeus said...

Sorry I missed seeing her.

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