Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mrs. Dancer’s New Diggs

Mrs. Dancer is moving. Mrs. Dancer and her husband bought a condo and it is only 7 minutes away from my house, HURRAH!!! Since she got her keys last night I had to come over and see the new place. Before heading over I took her out for lunch, I know Subway right, FANCY!


Her new condo complex is really beautiful with tons of plants and distance from the major roads in the area. Her unit is adorable with tons of light and best of all a POOL!!!!!!! Yeah I know, its all about who you know, but this summer I can totally see hanging out here often. Since there isn’t any furniture in the condo yet Mrs. Dancer had me bring my bathing suit and we spent a good three hours in the pool and shade lounging in the chairs. It felt great and is a really pretty pool. I may just be more excited about this pool than Mrs. Dancer is!



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paul peggy zeus said...

So Cool. I appreciated Ms Dancer asking me for advice about her condo and things to watch out for in the financial statement of the association, the bylaws, and her condo insurance. After all, it's what I did all my life. Thanks Ms. Dancer, nice POOL. I would have liked to see the condo unit too, next time, maybe?

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