Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lessons in How to Bedazzle Successfully

Two years ago Mr. Rogue's aunt and uncle, who are incredible ballroom dancers, competed in an annual national dance competition. Today this years dance competition is being held again in Los Angeles at the downtown Marriott one of my favorite downtown hotels. We were all super excited to be there and my mom, a huge lover of Dancing with the Stars, was over the moon at being able to attend a live competition. Especially since last time I went I got to see some of the Dancing with the Stars judges.


We got our tickets and our seats and found the rest of the family already camped out. These competitions last all day long. Last time I was there for 16 hours, this time we were hoping to at least stay long enough to see all the dances that the relatives were competing in.


Our seats weren’t as good as we had last time which made it harder to get photos. I did bring all my camera equipment even though I knew I wouldn’t be as dedicated at taking photos as I was last time. I wanted to get some pictures but I also needed to pace myself so I wouldn’t get too tired. IN the end I should have just left my equipment at home. New regulations got passed and no longer is the audience allowed to use professional equipment. Any camera has to have a lens shorter than 5 inches which ruled out the two lenses that I really needed to use to get good photos. I did manage to get some pictures before I found out the new rules but not nearly as good of quality as I got last time.


Regardless of not getting the quality of photos I really was after I still had an awesome time. It is so beautiful, all the glitter, all the glamour and the romance of it all. These people are so incredibly talented, the amount of time and effort to get as good as they are is so amazing. Especially amazing to me who is an impossible dancer. I have hardly any skills at all, maybe something to think about tackling in the future. For now I just love love love to watch!








Of course everyone was incredible but we were there to cheer on his aunt and uncle. They did so great scoring higher in every category that they danced in than the previous competition. We were all so proud of them.


Since so much family was in town to watch the dancing we had a family dinner at Wolfgang Puck. 15 of us, family all brought together, having dinner. It was great to spend time with family we don’t get to see very often. I wasn’t feeling the menu, pregnancy cravings and all were so not liking anything much. So when I couldn’t decide between a salad or lasagna my mom offered to split both. It ended up being the perfect amount… I didn’t even get dessert (mostly because they didn’t have any crème brulee).


Most of us went back to the competition for a couple more hours after dinner. My mom got really excited when the family finally spotted one of the Dancing with the Stars judges, Bruno had shown up. Since I wasn’t allowed to use my telescopic lens we had to make do with a drive by photo my mom took with my tiny little point and shoot. Ahhh the rush of seeing celebrities. Our night was complete!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you for that special treat! Loved watching the dancers, and to see Bruno in person. Ahhh it doesn't get any better!

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