Monday, March 25, 2013

Home & Garden: The Master Bedroom

Sometimes I feel like this house will never get fully decorated however room by room, space by space, things are falling together and getting finished. Today I finished the last Master Bedroom curtain and I was elated that now, officially, our bedroom is done. I simply love how the house is shaping up and this room is I think my favorite. The color platte, the tones, the space and the way the room is laid out all make it for a comfy relaxing space. I love all the windows during the day where the sunlight streams in and I love love love the super dark blackout curtains that block every bit of that light while I sleep.






I now officially only have three rooms left to finish. The exercise room, the spare bedroom and the nursery. All of them are almost complete, yes yes they are mostly just waiting on curtains. Thank goodness all of them only have one big window so it shouldn’t take too long to finally be done with the house just in time for baby to arrive I hope!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Your home is even more amazing than the photos you show. Truly a castle, and the decor makes it a work of art.

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