Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family, Family and more Family!

With Mr. Rogue's injury the doctor told him he is basically allowed to do nothing. As in only do what is absolutely necessary. Which makes me just want to wrap him up in bubble tape and leave him in a safe for the next 10 days until his surgery. I still had a few last minute things I wanted done that I had wanted Mr. Rogue's help with, however since that was no longer possible Mr. Faith offered to help. His dad was awesome, he replaced some ceiling light bulbs for me on the tall ladder and then together we hung a few pieces of art I wanted up before the baby shower. We also were able to get to hang the baby mobile. It’s so nice to have family around to help out!

We were a little late getting out of the house to the Fruit's house but I was so happy everything I wanted done around the house got finished. We picked up lunch on the way and then spent the afternoon hanging out with the kids. I was super tired, a side effect of the pregnancy, so I popped upstairs for a nice little two hour nap. It was exactly what I needed.




I left the Faith's to stay at the Fruit's house and I left to go pick up my Mother from the airport. I was super excited to see her. We haven't gotten to see each other much and it was extra special that she was able to make it to the shower after initially thinking that she might not be able to make it. It was about 7:30PM and with my mother’s three hour time difference it was even later for her. We were both starving so we headed to Flemming's. After a little longer wait than we wanted we finally got sat. It was great just having some face time with my mom. I talk to her on the phone often and we content ourselves with that but it isn’t the same as being together. Of course the amazing steak made the night so much sweeter.


By the time we got home we were both ready to pass out. Time to go to bed, tomorrow we had the whole day to spend together just the two of us!

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paul peggy zeus said...

What a wonderful restaurant! Excellent dinner, and I was super hungry since I don't do "airport food".

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