Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cats Love Boxes

If you are a cat person, or have ever known a cat, or have ever known someone to own a cat you will know that cats are strange beings. There could be a perfectly comfortable couch or a specially bought comfy cat bed only a few feet away from a plastic bag or a random box and the cat will almost always choose the bag or box. I am not sure what it is, some kind of cat mind trick I am sure. Cats are always doing what is least expected in my opinion. Regardless my little fatty kitty cat loves his boxes, I will usually get a shipment of something and leave the box out for a few days just so he can enjoy.


A few days ago I ran across this video and couldn’t help smiling through the whole thing. Household cats love boxes I know but apparently big cats love boxes too. Hope you enjoy!

Cats love boxes too video

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paul peggy zeus said...

kids love boxes too! When I was little, my mom got a new fridge. What a fun toy that was. I litterally FILLED the box with cats I "found" in the neighborhood. When my mom got home from work early one morning, imagine her reaction to 50 kitties screaming in that box. LOL. I had to return them all, but had a hard time finding all the owners. What a hoot!

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