Saturday, May 4, 2013

BBBS 62: Chucky Cheese, The Perfect Birth Control

I gave the option to my Little to go to the beach, a movie or to go to Chucky Cheese. Usually our outings are scheduled the day before when I know I have time to spend with her. However this time I scheduled about a week ahead of time, since I knew that this would probably be the last Saturday I would have before the baby was born.

The first two days she wanted to go to the beach, and then she changed her mind… she wanted to see a movie. And then the morning of she changed her mind again, ‘Lets go to Chucky Cheese’ she says. Ahhhhh teenagers!!!!! Chucky Cheese was probably my least favorite of the three options but its her day.


So we get to Chucky Cheese and order pizza. I seem to have amnesia when it comes to this place. It is so loud, so chaotic, so over the top over the top that it makes my head spin. Why oh why to I keep offering it as an option to Ms. Little from time to time is because SHE loves it still. Thankfully Mrs. Dancer came with me so I at least had one other adult there to help contain the insanity. The girls played games until they dropped, or until I was dropping and dragging behind them. The favorite game of the day was of course Skeet Ball and Deal or no Deal which we had a RIOT with. Of course over the course of the three hours we were there they won SO MANY TICKETS.



We always have so much fun together. Ms. Littles twin still does not have a big and after going through two where both adults dropped out of the program I have taken to bringing her with us. I always leave it up to Ms. Little, but she is so sweet she doesn’t mind sharing me. Mrs. Dancer rounds out our little group most times.


We headed over to the line with all the cheap cheap super cheap stuff you can get with your ticket count. Both girls picked out a pair of glasses and with their remaining loot they got something small for their two little sisters which I thought was super sweet.


By the time they got their stuff I was maxed out on energy. But we had one more stop to make. Yummy cool cones of Baskin Robbins ice cream on our way home. Yummmmmmmm Mint Chocolate Chip, the baby just loves it and so do I!


The girls and their family are moving soon out of Compton, the worst part of LALA land and into a much better area. They are both sad to be leaving friends but excited that this new place their mom will let them outside. There is supposedly a mall within walking distance, a good school system and a target right across the street that they are both hoping to get a part time job at this summer. They move in a month and I am excited about the opportunities this new place will allow them.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Maybe Ms Dancer would want to adopt her. . . she's there most of the time anyway, and when she's not, you are. . Food for thought.

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