Saturday, March 30, 2013

BBBS 61: Happy Easter with the Croods

My little’s new MO seems to be movies. It’s all she wants to do when we hang out and right now that is working really well with me. What could be better, two hours sitting and relaxing watching movies and then hanging out and dinner after. Today the movie of choice was The Croods. It was actually the second movie of choice, her first was Mother, what looked like a super scary horror film. I am so glad it is now out of theaters. The Croods, a funny Dreamworks cartoon was much more up my alley.


Usually I just take Ms. Little and her twin sister (who no longer has a big) but today Ms. Little’s older brother wanted to come too. The more the merrier.



Of course none of the kids like getting their photos taken. And trying to get all three of them to smile is impossible. SIGH TEENAGERS!!!!! Don’t they see I am trying to record these moments? Bribery seems to be the only thing that at least keeps them from covering their faces. I will take what I can get. Love these kids to pieces!



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paul peggy zeus said...

2 1/2 smiles in the last shot, not bad, not bad at all.

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