Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Brain: Shopping from the Master List

I spent about an hour at Babies R’ Us today with my list. I picked up several large things I still needed like the swing and the Baby Bjorn but mostly it was the little things I was missing. Diapers, wipes, desitin cream, nail clippers and a few more toys. Although I couldn’t resist a few non essentials (I KNOW I am so bad) I mostly was happy to stick to the list. I was so proud rolling into the checkout line. I was after all now officially done!


The line of course was long and I of course started talking to the woman behind me. Pregnancy has opened a whole door of meeting strangers. Sure I am an outgoing person and I have no problem striking up conversations with random interesting people however being pregnant makes me a super magnet for the occasional random conversation which I LOVE. So the woman behind me was buying a whole cart load of diapers. She commented on my swing saying that her little girl loved it which I was happy to hear. And then she launched into her story of having twins and coming to this store at least every other day.

Without realizing it she kind of burst my, im done shopping for the baby bubble I had just wrapped myself up with. I am sure I will be back often but let’s hope my lists keep me coming only once a week.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Really, MORE baby clothes? This baby will be the best dressed boy on the planet.

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