Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Brain: Shadow Boxes Part II

In my Little Cricket’s nursery I had two shadow boxes planned for one of the walls art. The first shadow box was the ‘before the birth’ art that I completed end of April. And this second shadow box was going to be all about ‘after the birth’. One of the things I really wanted to make sure it had was a footprint of my Little Cricket. I thought that the hospital would give me one but when I asked they said they no longer do that. So when Ms. Sweetie offered to come over today, and when she asked if I needed anything I sent her to Michael’s, our local craft store, to pick up some washable ink so we could attempt our own footprints.

Of course the idea of doing a footprint sounded easy. In actuality it ended up being really difficult. You need just the right amount of ink, just the right pressure, you can’t smudge it and of course you have to get the right foot and the left foot to be good on the same piece of paper. In the end it took a little over a dozen tries, way more than Mrs. Faith and Mr. Rogue stuck around to watch. I knew he was only going to be this size for a very short amount of time and I was willing to sit there until I got it right! Thankfully Ms. Sweetie has an infinite amount of patience to hold my sleeping Little Cricket until I was happy.







Seurat on the other hand has an infinite amount of patience. My Little Cricket is his new current fascination and he follows us everywhere.


Once we were finished with the footprints I gathered all the items I had saved for the after shadowbox; a blue feathery stork pen, a photo of Mr. Rogue and I when my Little Cricket was just born, the babies hospital bracelet, the footprints we just finished, the baby’s crib card, a few photos of the baby as well as his hospital nursery hat, ceramic booties my mother gave me as a shower gift, and a little birdy congratulations card from Ms. Sweetie I got at the hospital. Two items were missing so I just printed similar photos from the internet of what I was thinking. I want one nice photo of Mr. Rogue and I with my Little Cricket. And the second I wanted to include the birth announcement I plan on sending out once I get the professional photos back from the photographer in two weeks.






With the place holders we spent quite a bit of time arranging and then rearranging the elements until I was happy. I wanted a good balance of 3d elements and color. In the end I was really happy with how it came out. And the two together on the wall look awesome. I have always loved the idea of shadowboxes but had never done one before; a great project to do in a nursery for sure.



Of course it wasn’t all work. There was plenty of down time to cuddle and play. Ms. Sweetie is in love with her new nephew and barely put him down the whole time she was here.




Jennifer Arens said...

How artsy :-) I am missing that element of my being lol

Jess said...

Love that last photo of Ms Sweetie! The shadow boxes came out great :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Cute idea to get Cam's little foot prints. Maybe you can do Serauts too. Ms Sweetie - you look so right holding this baby in your arms. Love the polish too!

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