Saturday, May 25, 2013

Baby Brain: Playing the Game of Genetics

Mr. Rogue doesn’t have any photos of himself or his family up until the day I showed up and started taking them. Of course his family has a bunch, mostly his mother. By chance when we were visiting family and friends in Georgia a few years ago I was able to snag some photos of him from a friend when he was in high school. So the man does have a photographic past, I just need to get my hands on them.

Mrs. Faith must have read my mind because I was just saying to Mr. Rogue how I wished he had photos from when he was young. She brought of slew of photos of Mr. Rogue with her and we spent quite a bit of time flipping through them and exclaiming over all the adorableness. Of course I need to scan all of them before she leaves but I love that I can now make an album that holds some of Mr. Rogue’s photographic memories. Here are some of my favorites!





One of the favorite games couples with a new baby play is who does the baby look like. Some of my Little Cricket is my husband but I think a good portion of him is me. In fact one of the first things Mr. Rogue said when we were in the recovery room is: “Wow, he looks a lot like your dad.” And I really think he does. Of course we will know more when he gets older but for now I am sure he has my wide spaced eyes, my eye shape, my mouth and my tiny short neck. As for my Little Crickets body he is all daddy. He has long long legs, long long arms, and a long long torso. His hands and feet are also all his dad. With Mr. Rogue pushing 6’ 2” we are probably looking at a tall boy.

And now time for you to play. Here are photos of my Little Cricket and photos of Mr. Rogue and I as a baby. What do you think?




And then since I love to learn and since I haven’t brushed up on my genetics since high school biology I thought I would play around with the probability that we would end up with a blue eyed son. I know blue eyes are recessive and I just assumed my son would come out with my brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. He does look like he is going to end up with my dark hair but the blue eyes, according to our Pediatrician, they might stick. Mr. Rogue has green eyes, his mom has green eyes, his father has blue eyes and he has one blue eyed sibling and one green eyed sibling. So green and blue are thrown around on his side of the family everywhere. My mother, father and both brothers are all brown eyed however some of my parent’s siblings have green and blue eyes therefore some blue/green genes are floating around on my side. Here is a simplified genetics chart of the possible eye color combinations, brown is the hardest to pinpoint because there are so many options of recessive genes hiding for generations that still result in the color brown. So Mr. Rogue’s family was a little easier to chart, there are less options for green and blue eyes.


For Mr. Rogue to have green eyes but end up with a blue eyed child he has to be a bbGb. Of course I don’t know for sure what gene I have but if my Little Cricket does end up with blue eyes I know that I am a recessive carrier of blue eyes so I am either a BbGb or a Bbbb. Which means Mr. Rogue and I have about a 1 in 4 chance of having a blue eyed baby!

Welcome to my little nerdy chart I was playing around with.



Jennifer Arens said...

Haha in 2 months you wont be able to nerdify as much. Enjoy the sleeping child time

Jess said...

Hmm, interesting how similar your noses looked when you were both babies. I love how in #4 you can totally see the Mr Rogue of today.

paul peggy zeus said...

I think Cricket is absolutely adorable, and so were you and your hubby.

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