Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Brain: Photography Session with a Professional

I booked a photo session with a professional newborn photographer about a month ago. I had a hard time deciding to book a professional. I have the camera equipment, I have the lighting equipment but I don’t have the experience of taking photos of newborns. Point me to a bird and I can go to town but I haven’t worked enough on my studio photography to be REALLY REALLY great. Sure I can snap some photos and some may turn out pretty darn good but there is an element missing that only comes with years of experience that I am lacking. I was worried that if I took the photos myself that I would regret not having them be as perfect as they could be. And I didn’t want my inexperience to cause any regrets. He will after all only be this small once. Plus I was planning on using the shoot as a learning experience. I could take home the things I learned and make the photos that I will be taking even better.

So I booked a session with a photographer I found, the only one in my area that I fell in love with. And today Mrs. Dancer and I went to the studio. OH MY! What I learned was that newborn photography is way more difficult than I ever imagined and I found out that with the few photos I have taken of newborns I was doing it wrong. It takes so much time and patience to set up the photos, almost an hour per pose. The photographer moved slowly, oh so slowly. My little guy was peeing and pooing and spitting up all over the place, even on the photographer, which she took in stride saying that it was very typical when taking naked baby photos.


The session was difficult. My Little Cricket didn’t want to be naked and on his stomach, he fussed and cried and I was asked not to go near him. Apparently the sight and smell of me would only make it worse. The photographer and her assistant were AMAZING with him so that made me feel better but I couldn’t help but want to step in. I was after all the mama.

I had pumped milk for this photo shoot on the recommendation of the photographer. Since babies could eat faster and since they could monitor how much the baby was eating it was best to preserve time. So I sat across the room pumping my milk while the assistant fed my son. The photographer had a hard time getting my Little Cricket posed until she did a wrapped photo. Once he was swaddled tight he shut right down and fell into a deep sleep. So most of the photos she took were of him swaddled tightly.


Sadly I wasn’t allowed to use my camera in the studio unless I was told by the photographer that it was ok to take a photo. She only gave me permission twice, for the projectile poo and for the assistant feeding my son. All other photos she explained would show her props, her photographing style and how she sets up her shots to competitors. I got it but it was sad that I couldn’t document better in photos what happened today.

I was surprised and super excited when I got home and realized that I had a sample photo already uploaded from the photographer. AHHHHHH I am so in love. I hope the rest of them turn out just as fantastic!



Courtney Brady said...

OMG, the poo! I never even considered that! So, I'm gonna have a newborn around August if you want to practice some more ;)

Jess said...

So excited to see the rest! She did do a fantastic job. Oh the patience, I cannot believe the infinite patience you need.

Jennifer Arens said...

When j was born newborn stuff wasnt 'in' yet :-(

paul peggy zeus said...

Can;t wait to see the rest of the photo shoot.

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