Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Brain: OBGYN Appointment

I was anxious for this OB appointment. I haven’t been in three weeks the longest stretch I haven’t gotten an update on my pregnancy in a while. I had to reschedule my appointment from last week since I needed to be at the hospital with Mr. Rogue for his spine surgery.

My doctor was annoyingly two hours behind for my appointment. Apparently she had two women go into labor the night before. Although aggravating to be made to wait so long I also love that she makes it a POINT to be at the births of ‘her babies’ as she calls them. When I do get in the exam room with her I am not rushed, and I feel like she takes her time which is really important to me. Sure I don’t like waiting but I know when it’s my time she will be there for me too.

Thankfully everything with my pregnancy is progressing well. I still haven’t gained any weight for the past two and a half months which was a minor concern to my OB. We went over my diet and what I have been eating. I am not dieting but I am also not stuffing my face with the whole motto of eating for two. I have had issues in the past with my weight, with binge eating, and I haven’t had one episode since I found out I was pregnant. I am just too happy to have time to be sad and eat like I used too. Sure I have pizza and I eat some things that are bad for me but for the most part I have been trying to be good.

After my appointment I followed my doctor to the scheduling desk where she told me that since I am now 36 weeks I will now get an appointment to be seen once a week. And then she hugged me. My OB she is a random drive by hugger. I am not really much of a touchy feely person with people I don’t REALLY KNOW AND LOVE but I guess she is going to be delivering my baby. We are in a way more intimate so I will put up with it.

I am just so happy my little cricket is doing well!

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paul peggy zeus said...

At least she delivers her own babies for her patients. Many Dr's have partners and you never know who will be on call that particular day.

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