Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Brain: The Nursery Rug is Here!!!

I didn’t start buying the things for the nursery until February. I wanted to wait until I was further along in my pregnancy. Since I had the first miscarriage at 5 months, well beyond the typical danger zone, I think I was terrified of starting to decorate too soon. However I also knew my baby shower would be held at my home and I wanted the room quazi done at least so people could see the nursery.

Most of the furniture arrived quickly but the space is so big that it really NEEDED the rug to make the room feel more complete. The problem is that the rug I ordered got put on backorder, and then it got put on backorder again. Once it passed its second backorder date I decided to cancel the original order and get the rug in the next size down. I thought it would still work for the space since it was only off by a foot in the length and width and the added bonus is that this particular size was in stock.

Today the rug arrived and with only a few days to spare. I was so stressing out. The wall decals are up, the furniture is in and put together, the books are on the bookshelf and the art is all hung. The only thing left to complete before I reveal the room here are the two shadowboxes and of course the curtains need to be sewn.

If I never see a sewing machine again after I am done with the curtains of this house I will be happy.



Putting up the Decals
The Curtain Material
The Wall Art
The Furniture Arrives
The Empty Nursery Room
The Nursery Room Mood Board


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