Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Brain: First Peds Visit

I found my pediatrician a few months before giving birth and I love her. In fact I loved her so much that I canceled the other interviews I had with other pediatricians I was planning on interviewing. Sometimes you just know and she was just what I was looking for. This was our first time the baby and I were leaving the house and I ended up running a bit late. It’s so much harder getting myself ready and a little person ready. Mommy lesson number 1 – give myself way more time!


Anyways we got to the peds office and filled out some paperwork. Mrs. Faith was holding my Little Cricket as I was writing and getting insurance squared away. On the last form there was a line that asked the relationship to the patient. I got to put mother!!!!! And I almost passed out from the sheer joy.




After a few minutes of chit chatting we were shown back to the exam room. The first thing the doctor did was weigh my Little Cricket. I held my breath hoping that he had gained weight. And he did!!!! 6 pounds 14 ounces only two ounces down from his birth weight. HURAH!!!!!


After that was a bunch of little measurements and checkups on how he is doing. He didn’t really much appreciate all the things she did, crying a whole bunch which broke my heart. Thankfully all was normal. His head was 90th percentile, his length was 50th percentile and his weight only 20th percentile. My big headed long skinny boy! We have to come back in a week, just to be sure that he is still gaining weight; her hope is that he will gain quite a bit over the next seven days. So fingers are crossed and I am going to try to really keep him feeding well.




My Little Cricket was born with blue grey eyes and since I know that babies eyes can change I haven’t gotten excited. I would love a blue eyed or green eyed boy. So when the pediatrician was checking out his eyes and told me she thinks that they are going to be blue I was ecstatic. Sure in the grand scheme of things all that matters is that he can see but I just love me a blue eyed baby boy!




And just when we were about to walk out of the office my pediatrician handed me two boxes of vitamin D supplements to give to my baby. I was confused, no one had ever mentioned giving their babies supplements and I didn’t remember ever reading about it. So naturally I got home and did some research and texted some friends and apparently everyone on the planet is vitamin D deficient, and if a mother is exclusively breastfeeding like I am than the babies are not getting enough vitamin D from their mothers; hence the supplementation. But then I did searches on the supplement she gave me and I wasn’t happy. This one supposedly tasted terrible, I tried to get Mr. Rogue to take some as a test, he refused. It also had three ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, vitamin D was the fourth ingredient listed right along artificial coloring and flavoring. On top of reviewers saying their babies hated the taste there were also a bunch of reports of babies throwing up immediately after getting their dose, so make sure to give it before you feed them. UMMMMMM red flags all around. I went on baby feeding duty and Mr. Rogue continued the search. He found an all-natural, tasteless vitamin D supplement that listed coconut oil as the only other ingredient. After emailing my pediatrician and getting her ok we have started giving my Little Cricket ‘Carlson Super Daily D vitamin’.


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paul peggy zeus said...

That's the first photo where his eyes showed his true colors. He sure made a fuss at the dr office today. SSooooo sweeEET!!

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