Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Brain, Birth Story: Day 4 Going Home

We were so excited last night at my Little Cricket’s weigh in that he gained 5.2 ounces of the weight he lost. Which means that he is now deemed healthy enough to go home. Of course saying we can go home today and actually getting home was another lesson in patience. There was paperwork, a mountain of paperwork, sign-offs from my doctor, from the pediatrician and all the discharge signatures for the hospital. Plus Mr. Rogue and I were still on the fence about the name for our son.

We came to the hospital with two names picked out thinking that the baby would look like one or the other, except for both of us either of the names worked. One was edgy, different but difficult for people to get. The other was somewhat more mainstream, easy to say and spell. We loved both names but for completely different reasons. In the end our nurse today overheard our conversation and helped decide us. She had a very unique name, it was difficult to pronounce let alone spell and she gets annoyed often by it. I was already leaning toward that name anyways but for Mr. Rogue and I that sealed the deal. Now our little guy had a name for his birth certificate!

Finally at 3 in the afternoon everything was completed and we were given the green light to go and get the car whenever we were ready. Mr. Rogue had already spent the entire morning packing and organizing our stuff but the baby apparently wasn’t ready to leave. Just when we were about to walk out the door he wanted to be fed, and then he had a diaper change all the while Mr. Rogue wanted to get on the road to avoid LALA land traffic. Ahhhh our schedule is now not our schedule. My Little Cricket will decide when he is good and ready to leave.

I had to be wheeled out by a volunteer while Mr. Rogue went and got the car. It was nice because they also provided us with a little cart to help carry all the stuff. Finally in the car Mr. Rogue was excited to get going.




My mother in law sat in front with Mr. Rogue while I took a seat next to the car seat in the back; and then I interrupted Mr. Rogue’s dash to get home with a stop at McDonald’s. I was starving!

Oh that 40 minute ride home was excruciating. I felt every bump and turn. By the time we got home I was almost crying in pain. Thankfully my Little Cricket slept the whole way snug as a bug in his little car seat.


We walked in the door of our home, the baby cradled in my arms and I felt of wave of reality wash over me. My baby and I were happy and healthy, my family was home, and it was the realization of the dearest dream in my heart.



paul peggy zeus said...

Aw, so precious, so perfectly beautiful, and he finally has his own name. :)

Jennifer Arens said...

So precious!

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