Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Brain: A Baby Shower for my Little Cricket

I am so excited to share with you the photos from my baby shower. What an incredibly special day. My bestie Mrs. Dancer, my mom, Ms. Sweetie my super sweet cousin and Ms. Faith my mother-in-law all cooperated together to throw me a super fantastic baby shower. They really outdid themselves. It was seriously one of the cutest showers I have ever been to. I was actually a big part of everything for my wedding so when the baby shower was being discussed I agreed to a hands off approach, which is how it should be, I am just a control freak. I had nothing really to do with anything other than making sure my house was clean.

Mrs. Dancer is a party planning little diva and along with her helpers was able to get a cute little bird themed baby shower decorated to the nines! The little bird theme started with the stationary for the shower. My mother and Mrs. Dancer sent out the most adorable little owls. They also just happened to be in the nursery room colors so it will get a focal point place in one of the shadow boxes in the nursery.


The food & desserts, the decoration & detail, the people who filled the room! This journey of fulfilling my dream to have a healthy baby and become a mother has been so difficult but the love surrounding me and having many of those people together with me today was exactly what I wanted. Days like today, monumental milestones in my life that celebrate a new chapter, with friends and family around me I feel an overwhelming thankfulness for the people in my life. I felt so loved and got spoiled rotten by those I love. It was perfect.




Since the backyard would be the most comfortable to house so many people, and since mostly LALA lands weather is perfect, Mrs. Dancer rented tables and chairs for the yard. Then my angels transformed my yard into a baby shower wonderland of awesomeness. She again proved how well she knows me by thinking of the tiniest details and crafting them in a way they knew I would adore. So many people chipped in to help setting up which was fantastic since both Mr. Rogue and I were unable to lift pretty much anything.





We come from a family of bakers and cookers and would have loved to have followed tradition and made all the food ourselves. In fact we agonized over seeing if we could squeeze in enough time for making at least some of the food but since there was so much going on already this weekend we just couldn’t find the time. Catered from a few different places lunch ended up amazing and easy and super delicious. Various grilled Panini’s, two different types of salads, risotto, fresh fruit and a veggie tray. I could eat this every day and be happy!



By far my favorite was the cupcakes. Ms. Sweetie knows an up and coming custom baker that created the most delicious combinations.


I am not a big baby shower gamer. The thought of playing the melted candy bars in diapers again just wasn’t interesting to me. So instead I asked for a limited game arsenal. A few guess how many games and a mystery bag system that was pretty hard. Guess what baby product is in the bag, we all had a riot with that one.



Instead of a ton of games Mrs. Dancer came up with a craft... totally more my style. I have to admit that I was a little worried, not everyone is crafty, but the onsies came out TOTALLY AMAZING. What was even more incredible was that some of the guys at the shower ended up with some of the most adorable designs.




There were so many adorably adorable gifts. My little Cricket has such a great little wardrobe started. He definitely has more than his dad, however he will need to work harder to surpass his mom.



My other pregnant girls, a ton of talk of babies, lots of belly rubbing and advice – especially from my two other friends that are both pregnant – a photo taken of us in December and now again – all of us carrying little baby boys!


I am so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life... I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity for me to freak out over the next few months. With so many people I can at least space out the frantic phone calls so that no one gets overwhelmed by my cries for help. But most importantly I know my little baby boy will have an amazing community to support and love him when he finally decides to arrive!



I think maybe the most favorite part of the day was the fact that it seemed to not end. People who couldn’t make it earlier swung by later and those who felt like hanging out stayed all night. We ordered pizza and brought back out the leftovers from the shower and the house was filled with voices and laughter of those that I love the most.



A home full of love, I am the luckiest girl in the world.



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So much fun! Glad to be a part of your big day!

paul peggy zeus said...

I sorry we didn't get a picture together today :(

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