Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby Brain: Asking for Help & Keeping Clean

OH MY WORD. Just when I thought that I was sort of getting a hang of this whole breast feeding thing the girls swelled to an astronomical extent. In a matter of hours my milk supply had come in and it had come in full force. So I was back to hour long sessions of trying to get my Little Cricket to latch on, time that he cried, that I cried and even a few moments where I wanted to give up trying to breastfeed and just get some formula already. But I was proud of myself, I had read about this painful part of the breastfeeding process, so I stuck with it and 36 hours later we were doing much better.


I am in more pain than I thought I would be in. Getting up and down from a chair is really hard and I cannot get up alone when I am lying down. But sitting still and walking around (as long as I don’t do too much) is manageable. Still there would have been no way I could do the things I needed to do by myself. When Mrs. Faith found out that I was going to need a caesarean she changed her plane ticket to come out early. She has been a cooking, cleaning, laundry doing angel and on top of that she is waiting on both Mr. Rogue and I like the cripples we are. And of course she is getting as many grandbaby snuggles as she can fit in. I am so thankful to have such an amazing mother-in-law!




Everyone has been wanting to visit and offering to pick up something on the way. Mrs. Dancer did a Target run for me when I found out we were running out of some things and even stopped at the dry cleaners too. She’s the bestest bestest best friend ever! I owe her big time for all the help she has been doling out.


I hadn’t bought a ton of newborn diapers because my baby was projected to be about 8.5-9 pounds. When he came out exactly 7 pounds I had Mr. Rogue order a huge box of newborn diapers. They came in today, it’s a ton of diapers, a ton of diaper changes are in my future.


Of course the cuteness in the house is overwhelming. My Little Cricket is almost always in someone’s arms. Mr. Rogue was teasing me because I only put him down to sleep. I am totally enthralled and if I am up I want to hold him, snuggle him, kiss his little hands and thank the universe that this miracle is really here. So far he has been a great baby. Eat. Sleep. Diaper change. Repeat. Both Mr. Rogue and his brother were colicky babies so we are just praying that the colic doesn’t hit.







Finally I was able, with Mrs. Faith’s help, give my Little Cricket his first bath. The nursery bathroom is pretty large with a big enough counter to be perfect for his sponge bath bathing area. As an added bonus all our bathrooms have a heater so we warmed up the room beforehand to try to make it more comfy. He ended up not liking his bath at all and ended up crying through it all. With four hands and such a little baby we were done quickly and then he was wrapped up in my arms to get some calming hugs and kisses.






Our little family is so happy.


Jennifer Arens said...

Yes your milk came in :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

So many cute pictures, you need one with his little fingers wrapped around your finger. :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you, Bonnie, for taking such good care of our new addition to the family, my daughter AND your son too. I am so grateful that my daughter married into your family!!

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