Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And Life Moves Right Along

Mr. Rogue and I didn’t even really get a chance to wrap our minds around our shock from the doctor before the whirlwind started. The baby shower is this weekend as well as a dance competition we are expected at and we have family and friends flying into town from all over.

Last night Mr. Rogue’s parents arrived and as we drove to our house from the airport they were just as shocked about Mr. Rogue’s spine news. Of course Mr. Rogue was at work trying to frantically disperse all his work and clear his calendar. With his spine surgery scheduled soon and the babies soon arrival work for once will just need to take a backseat.

Today Mr. & Mrs. Faith and I met both Mr. Rogue and his brother for lunch at one of our favorite little taverns with the most delicious food. The fact that it is attached to the mall and only a few blocks from our house is just an added bonus.



When the boys had to go back to work the parents and I ventured over for some errands and some shopping. Mrs. Faith and I both got our watches serviced, we swung by a cobbler, popped into a few baby stores and then we couldn’t resist a bit of clothes shopping. Mrs. Faith isn’t a big lover for shopping but I love shopping enough for the both of us. We found some adorable things for her.


After that I was tired and since Mr. & Mrs. Faith were still jet lagged we decided to just head home, make dinner and veg out with a few movies. We saw Argo, which ended up being fantastic, and I made some Orange Chicken Stir fry. Yummmm!

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paul peggy zeus said...

It was good to spend time with your mil and fil. Such sweet people.

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