Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Slew of Doctors

Surprisingly we both slept pretty well considering we were at a hospital with machines beeping and nurses popping in to check the annoying machines every hour. Since both of us didn’t sleep well the night before I say our restfulness came from exhaustion, and Mr. Rogue had the help of the drugs too.

Breakfast came and went and then the rotation of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists started parading through his room. We met with the spine specialist who went over again how well the operation went and check his motor functions. Then came the general doctor to check his heart and breathing and his pain level for prescriptions to take home. Then the nurse to change his bandage and check his surgical wound for infection. And then two different therapists to help him modify his movements in order to not injure his now delicate spine as it heals. And lastly a massage therapist who gave Mr. Rogue a cold water compression machine to ice his neck three times a week.

Finally hours later we got to see the discharge nurse. We made it to the car. I stopped at the Pharmacy and then we got Mr. Rogue home and in his chair. Now it is just a waiting game, a time for Mr. Rogue to take it easy (if he can manage to stay home from work). We have a follow up appointment in two weeks. Wish my healing man luck!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Take good care of him, the doctors and nurses did their jobs, now it's all up to you.

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