Monday, April 1, 2013

A Failed Attempt for a Quick Fix

It’s the day before Mr. Rogue’s parents arrive and there were a million things to do. I was running around like crazy and I had to get to the post office before they closed. Sadly I also didn’t plan my day out very well and I was starving. And let me tell you pregnancy starving is nothing to screw around with.

I had a bag of jelly beans in the car and figured I would just throw a handful in my mouth as I was running for the post office door. The sugar I thought would get me through the next fifteen minutes until I could get home and get some dinner. Sadly a whole mouth of jelly beans did not play well with my one and only cap on my molar. Yup here I am dashing to get my package in the mail, a mouth full of jelly beans and a tooth piece floating around. NOT my most awesome moment.

It was so what I didn’t need in that moment. I was already busy enough, the dentist office was also closed now for the day, which meant that the next day’s busy timetable would need to be altered enough for me to get to the dentist. And hurrah the dentist because everyone loves to go there.


I finally got in, I finally got my poor tooth fixed and I managed to get everything done on my lists. It wasn’t pretty but it was done. So much for my brilliant idea of a quick fix sugar rush.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow, good thing you didn't swallow the filling and got it fixed in a hurry.

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