Friday, April 12, 2013

A Celebration of LALA Land

It was Ms. Pool Shark’s last day before she gets back on a plane home to Pittsburgh so we decided, last minute of course, what our plans for the day would be. We headed to Santa Monica for some sunshine and some 3rd street promenade time and threw in Yanke Doodles a pool hall, bar and grill.


Mrs. Dancer was able to join us for the day. All three of us used to live in Pittsburgh and pool was our thing. We just LOVED it and even though we only had time for a few games it was still fun to go and share old memories. I was surprised how well I played, I guess its like riding a bike, but I could have kicked myself when I lost by scratching on the eight ball. In fact Mrs. Dancer, the weakest pool player of our little trio, kicked butt today and ended up winning the day. We had to bow down to her massive superior pool skills. She was SO HAPPY!!!!



After playing pool it was time for our spa appointments. Oh what a rough life we have. I figured after all the running around, the shower, the trip to San Francisco a massage would be just what the doctor ordered.


After the spa we headed back to my house to get relax and get ready for our night out. First on the agenda was The Huntley a rooftop bar with sweeping views of the Santa Monica coastline. It was super swanky and super happy hour crowded. But I just adored the décor! After a little while we managed to swipe some seats and the girls all had a few drinks while I poutingly sipped my water.





Of course there was drama… Ms. Pool Shark took a sip of her drink and tasted sand… no not sand… its glass! Which resulted in the manager coming over, free drinks for the night, free valet parking and some profuse apologies. Thank goodness she detected it right away and wasn’t harmed, and who can say no to free!!!



For dinner we headed to Catch a fabulous restaurant in Hotel Casa del Mar on the Santa Monica beach with floor to ceiling windows. They tout over 200 fine bottles of wine, that all the girls sampled until they found ones they loved. I even took a few tiny sips which only made me want my own glass of wine more! The food was fantastic… like REALLY REALLY FANTASTIC and I cannot wait to bring Mr. Rogue here soon. He would love it. I ordered the Braised Spare Ribs and a horse radish, sour cream potato puree. Delicious!




A two and a half hour meal full of giggles and laughter behind us we headed home and to bed. Another long epic day but I wish we had time for MORE!

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Ha ha, bowing down to Ms Dancer, way to go girl!!

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