Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time to Reattach a Thumb Tendon

I didn’t sleep very well again last night and neither did Mr. Rogue. We were both worried, tossing and turning because today he is getting surgery to reattach his thumb tendon. Sure it is a simple surgery, sure its just a thumb but a million things could go wrong. Then I tell myself that we could get on a car accident on the way to the hospital, or a large tsunami could wipe out LALA land.

We got to the hospital 2 hours before his surgery and we filled out a massive amount of paperwork. Then the nurse came to lead him to the back to get him prepped. I wasn’t allowed to go but the nurse assured me that I would get to come back for a little once he was ready. I sat there in a room full of other people waiting for their special people nervous. I had a book, a beloved book I have read 100 times before. I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything new to read, but I knew I would go nuts without something to try and distract me. So I sat there and read, or tried to read, and I waited.

Finally the nurse came back to get me and I got to go back and see my man trussed up with wires, a funny cap over his hair and a goofy tripped out smile on his face. It seems the anesthesiologist gave him ‘happy juice’ to calm him down. Happy juice translated into making Mr. Rogue feel very happy indeed. He must have told me that he loves me and that he loves the baby a hundred times. And for each time I leaned over for a kiss whispering that I loved him more. When the doctor came to wheel him away I had a smile on my face, because no matter what I know that I am loved and Mr. Rogue knows that he is loved.

And then the real waiting started. I was actually ok for the first hour. The doctor said it would take an hour to two hours to complete the procedure. But after that first hour I started watching the clock, I kept glancing at the hallway waiting for Mr. Rogue’s doctor to appear. My nerves got more and more frayed and then finally the doctor arrived.

The surgery went perfectly, he was able to reattach the tendon and Mr. Rogue was in recovery. With therapy and luck he felt that Mr. Rogue would get good range of motion back in his thumb.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t go back and be with Mr. Rogue when he woke up. Instead I would get to see him as soon as he woke up a little more. They explained that they didn’t want anyone there in case something happened. I would just be in the way. So I waited rather impatiently for another 20 minutes and was finally lead back again to my husband.

He was groggy and still under anesthesia but he recognized me immediately. He kept asking how the surgery went, and I kept reassuring him that he was just fine. His hand only hurt a little, his throat from being intubated hurt a ton worse. A few hours later we headed home for Mr. Rogue to rest. Tv and relaxing time with a side of a bunch of drugs is on our agenda for the foreseeable future.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Don't tell me, let me guess. The book was "The Clan of the Cavebears", right? Mr. Rogues hand looks 50X's bigger than normal. He looks so sad.

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