Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sewing Machine Made Me

After months of procrastinating I finally sat down to start working on the Master Bedroom curtains today. The Master Bedroom is only one of three rooms that needs curtains and I am so excited to be almost finished with them. So today I got out everything I needed, I went over my measurements, I double checked the material, I got out my sewing machine and basket of sewing accessories and then sat down to start the marathon.

But then my sewing machine didn’t work.

I was actually a little relieved for a second. See the universe was against me doing the work I didn’t want to do, but then I buckled down to figure out the problem. After an hour of checking and rechecking everything, with heavy use of the internet, I finally figured out the culprit, my bobbin holder had broken off a very necessary little tab.


Since it was still early in the day, and since I now had hours that I was supposed to be sewing free, I decided to see if I could find a replacement. Thankfully the new house is located just around the corner from a mom and pop vacuumed and sewing machine fixing place and I was able to get another bobbin holder. Sure it was $10 dollars more than it was on amazon but at least I could have it now. After all I had a whole day tomorrow schedule of working on curtains.


I went home and put the bobbin holder in, just to be sure that it fit, and then I decided to sew just a few lines to make sure that it worked correctly. NOPE the sewing machine was still not working.

With my patience exhausted for the day I decided this baby was going to have to go to the doctor… not today, it was going to have to go tomorrow. And that is how my curtain sewing schedule got derailed this time. I couldn’t help but feel good that at least it wasn’t me coming up with procrastinating excuses.

Hopefully the sewing machine doctor can fix my machine.

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paul peggy zeus said...

OOOOh My Goodness. First your man is broken then your machine broke too!

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