Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Adorable Shadow

I simply love love love being an aunt. Kind of like my husband’s genius business idea ‘Rent a Kid’. You get to borrow them, play with them, be adored and then you get to give them back.

Ms. Pixie and I went over so Ms. Pixie could say goodbye to the Fruits. She is leaving in a few days and wanted to see her aunt and cousins one more time before leaving. Of course Little Ms. Bambi just adores Ms. Pixie and immediately hauled her outside to play with bubbles.


Mrs. Fruit and I got to visit quietly inside while passing the baby back and forth. He is such a great mellow little guy. When Ms. Bambi came back in she showed me her numbers and letters and then we played a game she loves… I do – you do, a game where I draw an animal she wants and she tries to copy it. She is getting quite good and it keeps her happy for a good half hour at least. Not a bad attention span for a four year old.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Bambi's motor skills are remarkable for a four year old!! Good job, little one.

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