Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mrs. Fruit’s Birthday

Its Mrs. Fruits birthday and we had a little bbq get together to celebrate; family, friends, babies, stories of mangled tendons and most importantly a celebration of how awesome Mrs. Fruit is. I brought a pink frosted cake with shavings all over the edges that was adorable and Mr. Fruit did his magic with all things amazing on the grill.




Of course there was a ton of talk about the kids and our little soon to be Baby Rogue. I always love hearing new parenting advice and Mrs. Fruit had devised a fun little schedule to keep Ms. Bambi her rambunctious four year old busy. I loved how Mrs. Fruit drew little photos to help her daughter know what is to be done when. Ms. Bambi walked me through her whole day from start to finish. Super cute!!!


But it isn’t all work, oh no we got to play as well. Ms. Bambi was all about the stickers and coloring. Her little baby brother, who is getting SO BIG already (where has the time gone) got passed from lap to lap. He is all smiles and is the happiest baby I think I ever saw.



Happy birthday Mrs. Fruit we are so thankful that you are part of the family!


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paul peggy zeus said...

What a beautiful birthday cake. I've never seen one lovelier! LOVE that photo of you and Mr. Rogue. One of my favorites, I think.

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