Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mr. Rogues Robo Arm

I have been taking Mr. Rogue to his weekly hand appointments with his doctor to make sure the wound is healing, that the tendon is still attached and to reapply his new casts. Each week he gets a different cast, and each week he hates going back to work to face the inevitable 1,000 questions from the hundreds of people that work there. Mr. Rogue, he is a silent minimal words kind of guy, and he is so not loving the attention.

However the man was happy today when he finally gets to get a Velcro plastic splint. No more casts, no more questions, just a removable splint and one that he says looks way cooler than his casts.

With the new cast he is also cleared now for physical therapy. Working on getting some function back into his thumb. The doctor cautioned that it is a fine line. We need to work the tendon enough to prevent scar tissue from immobilizing it and therefore not being able to move his thumb again but we also need to not work the tendon so hard that it snaps again where it is still healing. So hand therapy twice a week and hope that we can get his thumb working again.

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