Monday, February 25, 2013

Home & Garden: It Takes Forever to Create a Home

We moved into this house November 2011 and the last piece of furniture finally arrived today. I am now officially done decorating the house. The artwork has all been purchased, the furniture has all been selected and I feel like I finally have the well decorated grown up house I imagined when we moved in 16 months ago.

Our last furniture purchase was something that I didn’t originally plan for. In fact I thought we were done with getting things for the family room, see the room design here. However now that I am pregnant I realized that we don’t have enough storage for all the inevitable stuff that comes with having children. In essence we spend quite a bit of time in the family room and we needed a place to store toys. The shelves I picked out are from Crate and Barrel, they are an awesome combination of modern (black glossy wood) and antique (reclaimed teak) which totally flows perfectly with the balance of the room. Baskets fill the lower shelves where toys can be neatly tucked away and the top shelves can be used to store the overflow of cooking books we seem to keep buying.



Jennifer Arens said...

I love shelves and baskets!

paul peggy zeus said...

I LOVE those flowers becky made out of scrapbook paper, very clever! They look good on your shelves.

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