Saturday, March 16, 2013

Girls Gettin Wicked

I have seen Wicked the musical now six times I think however when Mrs. Bulldog mentioned we should get a group of girls to go see the show I jumped at the chance to see it again. Really it is by far my favorite musical/play I have ever seen and a night with the girls is always super fun.

We all met for dinner beforehand, of course traffic sucked, traffic always sucks in LALA land. I ended up being a half hour late but at least the food and conversation was delicious when we got there. I love my man, and I love our conversations but hanging out with a group of women is so uplifting in a completely different way. I hadn’t realized how much I really needed a girl’s night until we were all sitting around the table chatting about our lives and giving advice and support. It was like a big warm hug.


The show was just a quick short walk from the restaurant at the beautiful Sergerstrom Concert Hall. We got in, used the restroom (there were three of us pregnant there and frequent restroom breaks were mandatory) and got our seats just in time for the show to start. For Ms. Sweetie this was her first time, all of us other girls had seen it at least once. I was mesmerized.



It was a super fun night out but by the end of the show I was exhausted. Time to go home and curl up with my husband and put my pregnant self to bed. Until next time girls!!!


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