Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Brain: Putting up the Trees

As part of the woodland theme to the baby’s nursery I got some adorable tree decals to put up onto the walls. I had heard really good things about them and since Mr. Rogue and I really didn’t want to paint custom murals on the walls than this was a the perfect, easier, solution. Of course I rallied up a little help. With ladders and comments from online multiple hands working at the same time helps prevent bubbles under the stickers.

Ms. Sweetie and Mrs. Dancer both came over to tackle the project. We opened up the tube and was confronted with not whole trees but tons of parts of trees and a guide map of how they all go together. So much for this being easy right?



We got everything lined up on the floor and finally figured out a game plan. Using a credit card and going slowly we were able to get all the trees and branches hung in a little under three hours. Only one tree ended up going up too close to the others and I was a little worried despite the paperwork’s assurance that the tree would come off easily from the wall without damaging the paint. It did take off a tiny bit of paint but nothing that anyone would notice and we were able to get the tree set up in the right spot.



After a while I left all the bending and climbing that pesky ladder to my helpers and I, along with the plans, delegated from the nursery room rocking chair. LOOK AT ME, I am so not working hard while my helpers are! These girls are the best.


I still have the leaves to put up on the trees and there are a few bird stickers I may put around the room but the main trees are up and I just love love love them. We put them up on either side of the crib and window and it really helps to balance out all this space. I can’t wait until the rest of the nursery items arrive so I can see the whole room put together.



Jennifer Arens said...

Looks great!

paul peggy zeus said...

Loved the forest theme, so fitting to bring nature into his room.

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