Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Brain: Maternity Shopping

I have some maternity clothes but I have now hit the point where my larger regular clothes and high waisted dresses are no longer working on my rounded belly. So with still two months to go I decided to go shopping today to fill out my maternity wardrobe a little more. Thankfully the mall just a few blocks from my house has two stores dedicated to just maternity clothes as well as Nordstrom’s with a nice maternity section.

I have waited what seems like forever to have a baby and I am so excited to be this far along without any problems. I also love my new rounded body, however today I wanted to shop for cute clothes for spring and I didn’t want to do it in the maternity section. There were so many CUTE CUTE things that I wanted to try on and wear that would never fit right now. It was just a moment, a moment of fashion weakness, but then with a hand planted on my expanding waist I waddled past all the cute regular clothes into the maternity section.

So instead of shopping for things that I couldn’t possibly wear I decided to make a mood board of all those things that I would just love to get this season. I will wait, soon I will get my body back and then I can treat myself to some things.



Jennifer Arens said...

I say buy stuff now because I still wore prego stuff after lilman came!

paul peggy zeus said...

Look at all that Yellow! I never thought you'd be a fan.

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