Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Brain: Infections

It all started with a clogged milk duct. I went to bed just fine but when I woke up I had what looked like a pimple on my breast. Over the course of the day it got bigger and more painful to the point that I decided to call the doctor. Of course I decided after the office closed so I had to wait until the next morning.

My doctor confirmed my Google scoping that it was in fact a clogged milk duct, something that is pretty common as my body gears itself up for breast feeding. She gave me an antibiotic prescription and sent me home. Thankfully the medication worked quickly and by the end of the next day I was pain free. But then other things started to happen and I got super sick.

Sores opened in my mouth, I was having horrible stomach cramps and I started itching like crazy. Another trip to the doctor confirmed that the antibiotic cycle to kill the bacteria in the infected milk duct worked a little too well on my body. Because pregnant women have weaker immune systems my body just up and used the antibiotic to kill ALL the good bacteria in my body as well as the bad. Bacteria in my stomach and my mouth that healthy people have up and died leaving me with these horrible symptoms. I was now in even more pain than before.

Another round of medications and lotions and I finally started coming out of the woods. Not a fun five days… not fun at all.

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