Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Brain: Hanging Wall Art

One of the benefits of being a computer artist in my past career is that I know how to use Photoshop. Quite often Mr. Rogue and I will take photos of our rooms and use photos from the web to see how they will look before we purchase the items. It helps us to see how everything roughly works together and it is awesome.

I had an idea of how I wanted to use the fo-deer head and a couple pictures over the changing table dresser but I wasn’t sure which art work I wanted to use or even the exact configuration. Because the antlers of the paper mache deer head extend out a good three feet I knew I wanted the deer head mounted high. I really wasn’t interested in anyone poking out an eye. So I settled on a three by three arrangement with the deer head in the center of the top row. I then scoured etsy for original pieces of art that were fun and that fell in with our nursery’s outdoor theme.


After deciding the arrangement I had to get them framed. Micheal’s was having a 60% off sale but I was having an issue I didn’t expect. The whites of the different pages were very different. I originally was going to go with a white mat but with the different color whites I toyed with getting a golden color mat instead. In the end I wasn’t sure about introducing yet another color (the gold) into the color scheme of the room so I stuck with my original plan and just selected a white that was in between the white colors. I am probably the only one that will care anyways!



Between getting the frames, choosing the art and picking a matt I ended up at Micheals four times in one week. Thank goodness I love me some craft store time. I am really excited to pick up the final pieces and see how they work in the room.

I also, while waiting, scooped up a fun little project for another one of the walls that I cannot wait to share with you soon. CRAFTING is so much fun!


Jennifer Arens said...

Looks great!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love the adorable animal photos over the changing table. CUTE!

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