Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Brain: A Baby Dad Book

I got a book “So You are Going to be a Dad” book for my husband at Christmas and I was going through some inner turmoil for a while about him not reading it. I admit I was a little aggravated that he didn’t start reading it right away, I was after all doing all kinds of reading, and I was reading large encyclopedia sized books, not dinky little dad books. But I bit my tongue because you know what, no one likes to be told what to do and when to do it. Sometimes you just have to have faith and so instead of nagging and getting annoyed I decided to let Mr. Rogue get there in his own time.

Often people push when pushing isn’t necessary because you know what, Mr. Rogue picked up the book today, all on his own and I was so happy. Happy because he is a good man, happy because he wanted to read it and now it was HIS choice to read it, and happy because he didn’t wait until we were at the hospital to start it (which was an option I had to resign myself too).


Sadly the book sucks. He read a third of the book before complaining to me, and then he forced me to read a chapter. I can see why this might appeal to some men but it is so not Mr. Rogue’s style. It is constant jokes and snide comments with a little information thrown in the mix. Instead I went through my best encyclopedia type book and marked the chapters I thought he would like to read the best. Chapters on diaper changing, cleaning, safety and things of those nature. Much better…. Much, much better.

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paul peggy zeus said...

He is going to be a GREAT dad! he's already a wonderful husband. :)

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