Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Trip to the ER

It was a typical evening. Mr. Rogue had just arrived home from work and I had already eaten without him because a pregnant woman has no control over when the fetus wants to eat. I was sitting on my chair watching him make a salad for his dinner as he downloaded his day. It is my favorite part of the day, when he comes home and we chat about what happened while we apart. It is peaceful and I always feel so connected to my adorable man.

But then in a blink of an eye chaos ensued. Mr. Rogue worked as a Sous Chef while putting himself through school. I know, I know I totally lucked out with a man who is not only my soul mate but also a damn fine cook. Anyways I say this because the man knows a kitchen, he knows how to cook and he knows all about knife safety. And yet today he spotted a tiny piece of mold in a red pepper he was cutting. Instead of contaminating his cutting board he very stupidly took the pepper in the palm of his hand and tried to cut out the offending piece over the garbage can.

Now we have evil devil knives. They are from some Samurai company in Japan and they are sharper than sharp. Well Mr. Rogue used a little too much muscle and instead of just cutting pepper he took a big dig into the palm of his hand. I rushed over. It wasn’t a horrible cut but I did confirm that he would need just a couple stiches. I sighed in relief; it could have been a whole finger with how sharp those knives are.

We all jumped in to help. I had Ms. Pixie look up the closest Emergent Care Center which I reasoned wouldn’t have as long of a wait as a large hospital ER and I ran upstairs to grab some bandages and throw on some clothes. Fifteen minutes later we pulled into the Care Center and got checked in. With pressure and the bandages Mr. Rogues hand was doing fine. We sat in the waiting room and I got to wear a funny mask to keep germs out of my pregnant system.


Finally an hour later we were lead into the back. A technician saw us and confirmed that Mr. Rogue did indeed need stitches. We settled back to wait for the doctor to come by and confirm the diagnosis. But when the doctor arrived we were in for another shock. The wound looked clean, he needed stitches the doctor confirmed but then he asked Mr. Rogue to bend his thumb…. and he couldn’t.


So now we are in for a whole other can of worms. Instead of just a quick fix we are in for a long haul. Mr. Rogue cut his palm very close to the thumb crease and in that location he clipped his tendon. No tendon means no movement. Since it was now midnight on a Friday night there was no way we could get into see a hand specialist. The technician stitched up the wound and we were told to find a hand surgeon asap. Basically we were told we have 7ish days to get a surgery to reattach the tendon or he may never have use of that thumb again.

So surgery and tons of hand therapy is in Mr. Rogue’s immediate future.

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paul peggy zeus said...

He really did a number on his thumb! Poor guy.

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