Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day

Mr. Rogue is one of those men who is awesome for holidays, birthdays and events. He never forgets and he always shows me that he cares. I just adore that about him. Sadly for the past three years straight the flowers he has ordered from various vendors haven’t arrived on Valentine’s day. Last year was the worse when they didn’t arrive until two weeks after Valentines.

This year Mr. Rogue took time off of work when he is super busy and went to the florist himself. Then he came home from work at lunch to surprise me with flowers ON Valentine’s day. He makes me so happy. Then he went one step further. He gave me a gift of SALT. Twenty four little glass jars of different kinds of salt from all across the world. Ok now my heart is bursting with joyness!!!


My tradition for Valentine’s day to give Mr. Rogue is a basket of beer however he has been on a health-kick and not drinking as much so I decided this year to compromise. I got him two of his favorite beers and then some other healthy things that he loves from a gourmet grocer.

Mr. Rogue wanted to take me to dinner but all I wanted to do was watch Alias and eat pizza. Valentines was spent cuddled on the couch, pregnant in jammies, in my husband’s arms. It was the best valentine’s day ever!

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paul peggy zeus said...

I never knew there were so many different salts. It's something I can't have much, so who knew?

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