Sunday, February 17, 2013

Priorities, Family & Friends

You can try to take the girl out of the South but you cannot take the South out of the girl. Ms. Pixie, our little southern niece who moved in with us seven months ago, misses the south. She misses home, she misses her parents, she misses her two young siblings, and she misses her friends. LALA land isn’t for everyone, it is hard to live out here, it is hard to move to a new city and make friends and well Ms. Pixie, and she is shy. Needless to say she hasn’t met any new friends and she is homesick so she made the decision to move back home.

Thankfully she can and has transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta, which is near her home, so she will be continuing school. But we will miss her. I am proud that she came out here and she jumped into the unknown. I am also happy that she took the chance. Being young you should make decisions and change your mind. This is the time when you have time to make mistakes and fix them to figure out where you truly want to be. She tried and it didn’t work. I am happy however that we got to grow closer and know her better.

Now all we can do is help her prepare for her move back home and wish her luck on the next step of her adventure. Good luck Ms. Pixie!


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paul peggy zeus said...

It's good to jump out of your comfort zone. She is lucky to have such wonderful aunts and uncles to try out her wings.

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