Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KTG: Café Gratitude

Today I met the girls at a new restaurant, a not normally my kind of restaurant kind of restaurant, but hey I thought I would try something new. This place, Café Gratitude, is an all organic, all live, all vegan place with rave reviews. To center on my non-veganness I tried to order a sprite… yeah smooth move there. Instead I looked over their raw juice options and picked the non-weirdest one an apple cider.


The food wasn’t as strange as I thought it would be, of course again I tried something that I thought would be pretty safe, bruschetta. The cheese was some fo-cheese not cheese something but I was amazed. Not only did it taste like amazing mozzarella but I also didn’t have the stomach ache after like I normally do when I eat cheese. Ten points to this restaurant and their amazing cheese!

We sat and talked for hours, it was a smaller group and we all started off the conversation with the restaurants question of the day.

“What bad thing has happened that turned into a blessing?”

When the waitress stopped by, greeted us and gave us the question I thought it was a really great way to start the meeting off.


Delicious food, delicious fun and a soulful celebration of gratitude.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Very interesting restaurant concept. I wish they'd start a chain of grocery stores that only sold the "GOOD FOODS" that way, we wouldn't have to meddle through all the bad foods, prepackaged MSG filled, fatty induced foods, and high caloric foods. GREAT IDEA for someone who is adventurous! I think it would work!

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